Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Game 3 - Czech-mate

Today we had two games, Czechs & The Great Danes. Game 1 kick-off was at 0900, Czechs wearing red jerseys/white shorts, our guys in white jerseys/red shorts. Two of our Italian guests rode to the stadium on their cool little Vespas and sporty hair-dos. Unfortunately, Lorenzo our Italian holding mid was not able to make this first game. At the onset of play, both teams seemed equally matched, which was evident in the 0-0 score 15 minutes into the game. Jonny made some line-up changes, Evan started out in goal, Ben in the middle of the pitch with Max, and Chris to the back line. This change seemed to work very well. We had several more scoring opportunities than the other team. Max was taken down shortly before the half, but managed to get back on his feet. Half-time 0-0.

After halftime, the Czechs came out in green jerseys – which helped out tremendously. Matthew came in for Chris in the backfield and Stephen replaced Evan in the goal. Run of play was much more physical at the onset of the second half. We had several scoring opportunities, but unfortunately so did the Czechs. (Golf commentator voice…) Max is lined up to take the direct kick outside the 18, the shot is deflected back out and Italian Dani puts it AWAY!! SCORE!!! 1-0 USA-USA-USA!!!!

(Golf commentator voice again…) Matthew T. gets the ball at the half. Sends it up to Garrett on the right flank who dances past his defender. We now are in a 2v1 situation where the 1 is their goalie. SCORE!!!!! Whistle blows, we win 2-0!!!!

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