Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Game 4 - Great Danes

With the exception of Stephen Thiringer starting in goal and no Lorenzo, the starting lineup remains the same as Game 3. Italians Dani & Denis take the kick-off and movement starts on the left side of the pitch. 3 minutes into the game we score! Brodie sends in a great pass into the 18 and Italian Denis heads it in for a score… 1-0 us. OMG!!!!

For the next several minutes run of play remains on their side of the fifty. Ben takes a wicked shot from the 30, which just grazes the top of the box. Not to be outdone by his younger brother, Max takes the same shot, but just misses wide right. Brodie misses just shy left, the ball comes back out, we knock it around the 18, then Max scores with his left! 2-0 us…

The Danes finally move the ball to our side of the 50, fortunately our defense stops them, Ben recovers and takes it all the way to their 30, dishes it left to Italian Dani, who dishes it more left to Steven Logan. Steven takes a shot which crosses all the way over the goal mouth and hits the right side cross bar. After more play around their 18, Italian Denis sends a decisive ball to the back of the net. 3-0 us.

(I hate to say this, but if you’re not here, you are missing one heck of a game. Our boys are on FIRE!) Argh, I shouldn’t have been taunting the home squad, the Danes just scored on a break away… 3-1 us. Halftime.

Half time whistle blows, 2 minutes in and Jaime scores from a nice pass from Italian Denis. Within minutes, Jaime takes another shot at close range, but the shot is blocked by one of two defenders tightly marking him. 4-1 us.

Our defenders, TLo, Jason, Matthew & Brodie do an exceptional job giving the mid-fielders relief by being close and open enough to accept an outlet pass and maintain possession. While I haven't discussed our defensive end because there was not much happening back there in either game, they played exceptionally all morning.

The remainder of the half had our team playing a very smart conservative possession game, but our little 14s still rudely kept pushing for more goals. TWEEEET!!! We won! 4-1 us!

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