Sunday, July 10, 2011

We're baaaaaaack!!!

Before we "get back" I'd like to report on our last night in Italy. We were informed that the bus would be picking us up at 4am and so in our great wisdom, everyone decided to stay up all night. After a pizza dinner, Coach Jonny removed the curfew requirements and the boys were left to their own devices. They just had to be quiet after midnight and have their bags packed and staged in the downstairs hallway. I can't even tell you what they did, but at 3:45 am, they were all ready to go. Such good boys.

Now the parents were an entirely different story. In order to facilitate an all-niter, much beer and wine had to be consumed (well, didn't have to be, but was!) I do have incriminating pictures, but they will not be posted here. I'm sure they will make it to the Internet some day soon.

Even at 5am, the airport in Bologna was PACKED! After missing our earlier flight in Paris, there was some concern that we would not make this flight even though we were over 2 hours early. Luckily, we made it and our connecting flight at the dreaded Charles de Gualle.

I want to thank the Italian players for bringing such panache to our game. I know the guys have made lifelong friendships with our Italians, Dani & Denis, since much "friending" has occurred. The wonderful Mimma even created a Facebook page and has friended some of our players. I can't even describe Scott, our tour guide at the tournament. He is a fount of knowledge on any subject imaginable. Never challenge Scott to an intellectual dual, you will be sorry!

You all have wonderful wonderful sons. I am honored to have spent time with them in Italy and was so proud of them on and off the playing field.


4th Place overall!!!

Mimma and her Boys

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