Friday, July 8, 2011

Party @ the Hotel Karim

Unbeknownst to us, every Thursday night, the hotels in Tagliata host a dance party for their patrons and the locals. Our guys were invited (told) by Mimma (mee-ma), our wonderful hotel matriarch that they will be at the dance tonight. (I was thinking, yeah, these guys want nothing to do with dancing.) Mimma, took care of our boys all week as if they were her own sons.

Rich and I were coming back to the hotel after our evening stroll and we heard dance music several blocks away. As we came up to the gate, we saw all of our boys doing the Macarena with Mimma! OMG!!! They were all there, except Evan and Steven who was partaking in pizza down the street. Steven managed to join the group dancing a few moments later, but Evan was nowhere to be seen.

The dancing went on for several hours and our guys stayed and danced and danced. Jonny even broke out the Robot, which is always a winner – you just can’t go wrong with the Robot. The guys loved it! The funny thing about the dance was that there were two very cute Italian 16-year girls, dressed to the nines! But our guys were having so much fun dancing with each other that they totally ignored the hot Italian chicks. They left after about an hour after coming to the realization that our guys were not going to ask them to dance. The party wound down, or came to a complete stop after Jason dropped the hotel owner, Mariangela, flat on her back after attempting to dip her!

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