Monday, July 4, 2011

Opening ceremonies

What a day we had today! The opening ceremonies took place at the Cessenatico stadium at 10am. There were at least 45 teams from 15 different countries -- girls and boys teams. Along with the beautiful Swedish girls, there were 4 Brazilian dancers who stopped the entire team (and Coach Jonny) in their tracks!!! Well, back to the opening ceremonies...

The opening ceremonies were very similar to Olympic-style opening ceremonies. Each country/team lined up in alphabetical order, carried their country sign & flags (TLo had the US Flag draped over his shoulders), and marched around the stadium. The USA had two boys teams, U17 & U16, and two girls teams U15 & U17. There was music and dancing and the atmosphere was electric, like a big party! Of course, our guys were absolutely overwhelmed with the festivities. They were so cute huddled together for protection as they circled the track. All of the other teams were waving and jumping up and down and just going with the flow... Our guys remained huddled together until the Brazilian dancers started their act on center stage -- then it was every man for themselves. As the guys were leaving the stadium, the team in front of our team, amazed by the beautiful Brazilian women in their comely outfits, came to a complete stop. Our poor unfortunate guys had to stop about only 5 feet from the stage and wait. (Poor poor boys).

After opening ceremonies, the guys went back to relax at the hotel and Jonny & I went to the coaches/team manager technical meeting to get all the rules and regs of the tournament.

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